Write a story that becomes a horror story in the last line.

Original Prompt

Why don’t you want to go to prom with me?” growled Daisy in a low dangerous voice quite unlike her usual high pitched cheeriness.

Shit. He knew she might take it badly that he would rather go party than to that stupid school dance but really-

“I’m waitinggg Mike.”

OK, OK he could still play this off.

“Babe of course I want to go to prom with you.” Mike started giving only a small pause before continuing before she could open her mouth, “but all the chaperones are lame, the music sucks and we can’t even get wasted.”

If looks could kill the stare that he was getting from his girlfriend at that moment would certainly have done the job. Equal parts rage, frustration and cunning her slender five foot frame suddenly launched itself and slammed into Mike’s chest. He being almost a whole foot taller and weighing at least twice as much the force of her could barely shake him if he wanted it to. Laughing at this sudden change in pace, he allowed them to tumble backwards onto the bed with Daisy landing on top of him pinning his arms down.

“Be reasonable!” cried Mike in mock derision. Blowing a lock of black hair out of his eye, he grinned crookedly at this small girl trying to manhandle him. She was so damned cute.

“I will just as soon as you listen to me about why we should go to prom,” chirped Daisy.

“No-No-No it’s my turn to talk” she positively shouted when he kept trying to open his mouth to get a word in.

Chuckling at this dramatic creature perched on top of him, he figured that he had ought to hear her out otherwise there could be hell to pay later.

Taking this second of no resistance as consent, she quickly said, “There’s only going to be like ten chaperones for three hundred kids, the music is supposed to be a lot better this year and I could sneak us in a flask of my dad’s tequila.”

Chest heaving slightly from rushing her little speech she watched him closely as he deliberated on these points. She did know how to make a good case for whatever she wanted Mike thought wryly. She would do well in her dad’s law practice when she finished with college. She darted in to interrupt his reverie to try seal the deal or just distract him with a quick kiss on his lips.

He groaned in pleasure as he tasted the unique flavor of her lips. Too soon she had drawn away though with that mischievous grin that looked so good on her. “So what do you say?”

Mike gave an exasperated sigh that evolved into a laugh as he suddenly flipped Daisy onto the bed and crouched on top of her and groaned dramatically, “How could I deny you anything my love?”

Her mood suddenly flipped from joking to serious in less than the length of a heartbeat. Daisy punched him hard on the arm and hissed, “You can’t just give in to me whenever I want you to because you think I’m cute. And stop laughing!” She shouted at a Mike trying desperately to hold back laughter.

He just couldn’t take Daisy seriously though, she was too cute and Mike liked to give her whatever he could to make her happy. Daisy insisted that Mike treat her like he did everyone else but that simply just was not possible. “I will always protect you and do whatever makes you happy babe.” Whatever tough or joking persona he may put on she was his everything. He knew how to compromise; this wouldn’t be too bad. What’s really the worst that could happen by going to prom?


The week leading to prom slipped by with the speed of a week leading up to some big event. The girl’s all gossiped about what they were going to wear and what they wanted to do while all the guys just wanted to get it over with so they could go out afterwards.

Mike drove in the front seat with the limo driver after he had picked him up from his house to go take pictures at Daisy’s. The driver was an older native american man named little bear who was the size of a baby bear with a long ponytail of graying hair. A gentle but intense man, he told Mike several ghost stories on the drive across town. Not at all at Mike’s request but the man seemed superstitious and really eager to tell his stories so Mike let him ramble.

When they got to Daisy’s house Mike allowed her and her mom to fuss over his tuxedo. They took their pictures and all Mike could think about was how good Daisy looked in a nice dress and that they were going to have a great time after the dance.

After what seemed like hours of pictures they were finally off. Snuggling into his shoulder as they stared out the window together, Daisy murmured, “This is the best day of my life.”

Drawing her chin upwards to look into his twinkling eyes he whispered, “best day of your life so far… we’re going to have a lot more like this in our future, beautiful.”

She smiled up at him and they quickly kissed before the limo slowed to a stop in front of the school. The pair got out and started to make their way to the school when suddenly Mike was pulled backwards by a sudden strong grip on his arm.

Eyes wide with fear, Little Bear seemed to look through him towards where Carrie was seated alone in a white dress. “Do not go into that auditorium,” he whispered with an ominous rasping to his voice that had not existed before when he and Mark had spoken. While Mike wanted to turn around and ask why Little Bear was so scared of little old Carrie White but Daisy insisted on leading me away from the man and who was he to deny her on this most sacred of days for a teenage girl. The last glimpse Mike caught of the man was his large back and wildly bouncing ponytail as he sprinted back to his Limo.

As they had arrived fashionably late due to how long taking all the pictures took (Mike wasn’t complaining) they entered the gym just as the music faded and an announcement came on that the prom king and queen would now be chosen.

Groaning to himself audibly, he muttered, “Bathroom” in her ear before making his way out of the gym so that he wouldn’t have to sit through the whole stupid crowning ceremony. He laughed to himself at his genius as he walked slowly towards the bathrooms just opposite the gym. Doing his business and washing his hands at an equally sloth-like pace Mike made his way slowly back towards the gym. Hopefully the ceremony was over by now.

As Mike stepped through the double doors of the gym and fell to his knees crying out a choked sob, he took in the fact that blood was all over the walls and floor of the gym and little Carrie White was drenched in the red of countless bodies around her, but the sight of Daisy’s broken, lifeless body carved out a hole leaving the place where his heart had been hollow and loveless.


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