Two ancient armies prepare for battle, one army sends out a seven foot tall hulk as their champion; the other army sends out a little girl to raucous applause.

Original Prompt

Tens of thousands of men leered at each other from across the neutral zone as horses snorted and pawed at the ground nervously. Steam rose in a vast cloud over all the hot bodies in the cool morning. Two men stand toward the front of one army while a small group stand at the front of the other army whose back was to a cities great walls. The battle would be decided by the ancient rite of single combat.

The two men at the front of the army facing the city’s walls were both tall but one was wiry and agile while the other a great big man of bulging muscle. The slender man leaned towards the larger and says in a mockingly confident tone, “Let us see what ‘champion’ they send to face ours, eh Garen.”

Garen looked seriously at the stick of a man and reprimanded in his booming voice, “Don’t count your Anivia’s before they hatch.” Varus laughed at the pun but shook his head. Even now Garen somehow thought that their champion would possibly not win them the day when she had never lost a battle after all this time.

Movement across the field signified the spreading of the enemy army to allow someone through. A great titan of a man emerged, towering over the soldiers by at least a foot. He roared a guttural cry and raised a greatsword as long as he was tall. His cry was answered by the soldiers behind him. The giant did look formidable, Varus had to give it to them. And did he really have only… “A real live cyclops” chuckled Varus, “Well not so alive for long.”

Varus nudged his friend good naturedly and gave a laugh, “Imagine the looks on their faces when she single handedly brings down the Cyclops in front of their whole army eh brother. They’ll lay down all their weapons in front eh, EH!”

Garen spared Varus another of his serious looks before returning his watching gaze back onto the waiting army. That guy reaaally needed to lighten up, thought Varus as he strolled back towards their army.

Stopping a dozen yards out from the men, Varus grasped his bow in one hand and saluted it to his force and shouted as so everyone including the opposite army would hear him, “They believe that they will win the day with their titan champion ‘the Cyclops’.”

The soldier’s all booed as they had done for previous champions. The enemy army would ridicule ours when they saw our champion. They always did but then again they always all surrendered in the past so who cares about appearances. Her appearance was probably one of her greatest strengths well that and her teddy bear.  

A voice sounded coming between the soldiers. They parted for it, making it look like a wave was breaking through the center of their ranks. It rang in a repeated fashion and all of a sudden a small girl no taller than three feet high was skipping out of the ranks of soldiers singing more to herself than anyone else, “Hop, skip, jump!”

Varus grinned widely as he stood facing the small girl and give her a small nod.

She grinned back then made a bow to the soldiers and said, “Play time!”

This caused a frenzy of cheering and clapping among our soldiers. The enemy was just now beginning to call out insults and jeers. They would see for themselves the awesome power of our secret weapon soon enough. This dark child had slain more champions than anyone Varus had ever met. As she skipped to meet the hulking cyclops in the center of the neutral zone she chanted her war song with the soldiers behind her carrying up, echoing her words.

“Ashes, ashes, they all fall down,” echoed ominously throughout the clearing by thousands of voices.  

As she neared the great titan of the man, she slowed down until coming to a stop twenty yards away. Staring at each other across this distance, both armies were deathly silent and still as they watched and waited in breathless anticipation.

The Cyclops made the first move, giving the clearing another show of that fearsome guttural roar and beginning his charge at the young girl standing there lightly swinging her teddy bear in one hand.

As the great beast of a man beared down the last few yards on the child, her high voice rang out in the silence, “Have you seen my bear Tibbers?”

A great sphere of flame consumed both the girl and the warrior from vision just as he swung his greatsword down upon her. The sphere persisted for several seconds and when the flames had cleared in a sudden dissapearance the scene that greeted the armies eyes caused both sides to gasp collectively.

The small girl was standing on top of the fallen cyclops chest, with her arms out trying to steady her balance. She looked up at her own army with a smile and called out, “This is fun!”

A cheer rang out from her accompanying army. The battle was won. Now onto the nexus.  

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