Subtle Tea: the Dapper Superhero

[WP] You are Subtle Tea, a super hero who alters major world events by a most appropriately timed cup of tea.

The man behind a black, billowing cape looked incredulously into the camera flashes blinding his vision. Flipping his cape he gave the cameras a little smile, which worked the crowd into a frenzy of increased clicking.

Headlines had been whirring across the globe about this mysterious man calling him ‘the savior of our generation’ and ‘the most dapper superhero ever to walk the Earth.’ He lived up the legend even now. Charcoal grey suit was draped over his average frame, impeccably fitted with not a mote of dust on his lapel. Black polish gleamed, reflecting back the excited fan’s faces from his shiny shoes. A cheeky wink caused a dozen women to faint in ecstasy.

With a last sly smile, the man turned away from the cameras to look at the two world leaders who were staring at each other with wary disgust. There had been border disputes and troops mobilized to both sides of their country’s borders. Total war threatened to break out unless something could be done.

This man of legend walked forward to stand near the two men. He fingered his secret weapon but decided diplomacy should come before. He was thirsty but didn’t want to use it if he didn’t have to. The two world leaders facing him were dressed in military garb adorned in shiny medals and pins which clinked slightly as they shifted uncomfortably in the hot sun. The dapper man’s own chest was unadorned which he held steadily with a cool, collected gaze that pierced the two men before him.

Suddenly the shorter of the two spoke, “These savages have repeatedly invaded our land and the treaty set down by-”

The other man interjected bitterly, “It is YOU who have invaded MY land. Calm your overexcited tongue before I cut it out.”

They glared at each other with the utmost loathing before the sound of a clearing throat turned their attention towards the man.

“Gentleman, gentleman. Can we all agree to go home and get out of this wretched heat?” asked the man in the cape.

“Not until he apologizes and surrenders!” Shouted the little man in a disproportionate volume surprising for his size.

Sighing as the two warlords picked up their bitter bickering again, this hero of the world prepared to alter the course of history.

Reaching into his pocket to retrieve his secret weapon he fingered the handle debating the split second before he took it out. This would change everything. Should he…? Yes I should, he thought and pulled the cup of tea out of his pocket with a flourish. A gasp could be heard from the spectators behind him as the world held their collective breath to see what would happen next.

With a sudden flick of his wrist, the bickering of these two men of world power was cut short as hot tea splashed across their faces and military uniforms.

They looked at him in shock. No-one had ever dared to do something like this to these two jackals of men. The tea seemed to have jolted them out of their anger and they sized each other up as a potential friend and not as opponents.

“Say… maybe it was us that invaded you first,” Started the taller of the two.

“No, no, no it was probably us that started all this but to be honest I can’t remember. What say you we talk of a new peace treaty over a cup of tea?” Replied the shorter.

The other nodded and the two made their way arm in arm to discuss peace amidst the crowd of spectators. They turned suddenly as they both sought to thank the hero which had pulled them back from the brink of ruin but he had left as suddenly as he’d arrived.

On the rooftop above the scene, a cape with the letter’s ST printed onto it billowed behind the man as he jogged slowly to the next crisis. The world needs Subtle Tea even if they don’t know it.

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