Asgard: Drug Of Insanity Or Intelligence?

“What do you mean there’s a fifty/fifty chance?” I cried out in exasperation. “I thought you said that this one was foolproof!”

A lone bulb cast its pitiful glow in our direction attempting to illuminate the pitch black darkness encroaching. It failed dismally to illuminate this mysterious man’s true identity. We had arranged this meeting on a darknet forum in which he had messaged me under the username Prometheus.

“Well-I lied.” Spoke the deep voice under the dark hood brusquely. He continued, “But I wanted to meet you and determine if you were worthy.”

Super Adderall. Genius chemicals. The miracle pill… That also contained a curse.

“What happens if my body doesn’t take to… it?” I say thickly.

Prometheus replied quickly, sounding annoyed now, “You’ve heard the stories about the possibilities… don’t waste my time with stupid questions boy.” He paused for a few moments and looked for something in my face. He slowly raised an arm as if somewhat reluctant to relinquish the pill he had claimed to have held onto for 59 years on this day.

All day I had thought about this meeting and had more than a few serious moments of doubt. I had actually turned away on the way to this out of the way bridge on the outskirts of town. I warily looked at the hand which actually contained the Asgard. A black pill in the shape of a raven with the green symbol a99 in place of the eye, this pill was the real deal. Powerful enough to boost the intelligence of a human past that of human comprehension, I felt elated that this hadn’t been a total waste of time.

The only ones who survived the taking of these drugs were named æsir. They were not merely men, they were gods of monstrous intellect.

Excitement electrified my brain and I eagerly reached out to take the pill triumphantly. Prometheus looked as if he wanted to hold onto the pill but instead let it go. This made my mind up that he was very probably telling the truth due to his hesitancy. The pill came up to my open mouth before the man could even protest and then, without ceremony, I swallowed the pill which would effectively give me the IQ of Einstein. If Einstein had found out how to clone himself a thousand times.

Stumbling to my knees, I cried out for help that would never come. Prometheus had laid this ‘gift’ upon my mind and left me to the darkness only for comfort. I could feel my brain burning beneath my skull as my very brain cells mutated. The fire burned through my muscles causing me to seize up there under the bridge; my very neural system changed with my brain cells. Life was pain and suffering which bled with the terror of the darkness as it yawned threatening to engulf me.

Then the fire dulled to an ember which smoldered and then finally extinguished. I felt instantly better and could actually sit up but winced at the sharp pain this caused. My body wasn’t used to all these acute feelings. I estimated the wind blowing on my arm was between 22-24mph, my nose picked up the stink of garbage dozens of yards away in which I could make out that the majority of a bag of bananas had gone bad 39 hours ago. I could feel every bump on the rough concrete I sat upon and tried to count the individual atoms in a square centimeter of the concrete underneath my ass but stopped after a million.

All this happened within the course of a few seconds and I knew instinctively that the pill had worked. The entire world felt… clearer. As a blinder had been removed from my eyes I opened them wide in excitement as I thought about what I could do. Revenge called its sickly siren song.

Then I thought of what I should do.

Æsir here I come.

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