Sea Green Raindrops [Repost]

Great piece with a beautiful picture to accompany it. Really enjoyed this one thanks Amber!

Lost In Amberland

The sky is a dim gray, as the raindrops begin to fall.I’m staring out across the ocean, watching the rain mix into the sea. Everything around me seems to be moving in slow motion. I am concentrating on my breath, synchronizing it with the crashing of the waves against the shore. The world seems to stop, just for a singleheartbeat.

A Seagull’scry breaks my moment of meditation. I watch as the bird flies so beautifully over the sea. For a while, I imagine myself living as free as this bird. Flying away, leaving any troubles behind. Making the beach my home, the ocean my playground. Then, I turn around, and slowly walk back up the beach; heading back towards my reality.

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