Stormy Mind

Flash of lightning, take me under, The depths of my murky mind. Rattled by the roaring thunder, Clarity flees, no peace to find.       Rain drops split the sky asunder, A broken promise leaves blurry lines. Drowning hearts can't hope but wonder, If it'll all work out when the stars align.

Sultry Night

The sultry night hung heavy, Like moist towel smothered air, Neighbors snuggled tenderly, No chance of a bugaboo scare.   My city snored while I wrote, Until a melody danced to my ear. "An insect symphony!" I'd rapturously dote. Nature soothes... if only you could hear.

Forest Giant

A Giant Towers over Needles sharper than The woodpecker's beak that Jabs through bark to create a home. Creepy-crawlies with more than the one Leg of the great giver of shade dwell among the far Stretching toes that reach deep into the cool substance of life. The tree of life. The life of a tree.

The Wise Man {Tao Te Ching Excerpt}

The following is not my own writing; in fact, the Tao Te Ching was written approximately 500bc by the philosopher Lao Tzu and is a very important text to the duality of spiritual and religious Taoism and it's 12million followers. I was rereading it through for the second time today and this particular passage really resonated with … Continue reading The Wise Man {Tao Te Ching Excerpt}


But like a howling gale, There is no avail from the hail of my thoughts As they rail through the sail Of my broken boat, barely afloat. Thundering, blundering, these thoughts smash and raze Razing, not raising, but razing Like the Vikings razed villages, My confidence is razed into rubble And my self-esteem like a long … Continue reading Razing


I feel blinded by my thoughts. So often in my life, I wage war with myself and my surroundings. All the people, objects, and tasks that are set before me make me feel, As if I am a navigator steering through the debris of the hurricane of life. Staring, searching through this sea of faces … Continue reading Blinded